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  1. AB Lorentzen & Wettre, Kista, Sweden (Pulp & Paper Testing Equipments)
  2. Adirondack Machine Corporation, Queensbury, NY (Providing High Quality Wet-End Laboratory Equipment for the Papermaking Industry) Contact : Mr.Thomas Ferari, @ Tel: 518-792-2258, Fax: 518-792-2274 e-mail:
  3. Angel Instrument, Saharanpur, UP, India
  4. Datacolor International, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA - (Color Measuring Equipment)
  5. Deja Vu Lab & Test Equipment Inc., Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada
  6. Emerson Apparatus, Portland, ME, USA - (Manufacturer of Precision Laboratory Test apparatus since 1908. Also provides TAPPI testing support, Calibration services and SPC reporting)
  7. Emtec Electronics GmbH, Leipzig, Germany - (Measuring Equipment)
  8. ETS Intarlaken Technologies, Kolkata, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  9. FEC (World Class Testing Equipment), New Delhi, India (Paper & Filter Testing Equipment)
  10. Fibretec Instruments, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  11. Global Engineering Corp., Jaipur, India
  12. Gurley Precision Instrument, Troy, NY, USA - (Air Permeability, Softness, Smoothness, Stiffness and Absorption Tester)
  13. IDM Instruments Pty Ltd., Victoria, Australia (Paper Testing Equipment)
  14. ImageXpert, Inc.,Nashua, NH USA (Paper Testing Equipment for Lab & Production. Measure Features such as Printed and Unprinted Mottle, Formation, Dot and Line Quality, Helio, Edge Quality and much more) Contact Karen Kipman, Phone: (603) 598-2500 FAX: (603) 598-2687 e-mail:
  15. ISIMAT, San Diego, CA, USA
  16. Karl Schroder, Germany (Paper Testing Equipment)
  17. Labtech Instruments Inc., Ville St. Laurent, QC, Canada - ( Testing Equipment)
  18. Liberty Engineering, Roscoe, IL, USA - (Paper Testing Equipment)
  19. M K Systems Inc., Danvers, MA, USA  (Lab. and Quality Control Equipment)
  20. OpTest Equipment Inc., Hawkesbury, ON, Canada - (Lab & Inline Process Equipment)
  21. Paper Life Ltd., West Yorkshire, UK (Paper Testing Equipment)
  22. R.D.SPECIALTIES INC. , Webster, NY, USA (Metering/Coating rods and Equipment)
  23. Premier International, Saharanpur, UP, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  24. Pulmac International, Montpelier, VT, USA - (Contaminant & Fiber Testing Equipment)
  25. Sensor Products Inc., East Hanover, NJ, USA: Manufacturer of a line of nip profiling products. For nip products information, see Contact: Ms. Madelene Glomsten @ Tel. 973.428.9510; Fax 973.884.1699; email:
  26. Techlab Systems, Sebastian, Spain (Pulp, Paper & Corrugating Board Testing Equipment)
  27. Test Techno Consultant, Gujrat, India (Paper, Plastic & Packaging Testing Equipment)
  28. Testing Machine Inc., (TMI), New Castle, DE, USA - (Paper Testing Instruments)
  29. Thwing-Albert Instrument Co., Philadelphia, PA, USA- (Testing Instrument)
  30. Universal Engineering Corporation, Saharanpur, UP, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  31. WorldOfTest
  32. Zeta Meter Inc., Staunton, VA, USA - (Zeta Potential Meter)

  1. Andritz - Pruyn's Island Technical Center (PITC), Glens Falls, NY, USA
  2. Avantha Centre for Industrial Research and Development (ACIRD), Patiala (Punjab), India  
  3. Applied Paper Technology, Inc., Atlanta, GA, USA - (Paper Testing)
  4. Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory, Inc., Northbrook, IL, USA  (Paper Testing)
  5. Columbia Analytical Services Inc., Kelso, WA, USA -( Pulp, Paper and Chemical Testing)
  6. Collaborative Testing Services, Inc., Sterling, VA, USA
  7. Econotech Services Ltd., Delta, BC, Canada - ( Pulp, Paper and Chemical Testing)
  8. FPInnovations — Paprican Division, Pointe Claire, QC, Canada (Pulp and paper testing, chemical analyses, microscopy & image analysis, quality assurance services)
  9. Huffman Laboratories Inc., Golden, CO, USA - (Black Liquor Testing)
  10. Innventia AB, Sweden - (Pulp & Paper Testing)
  11. IPS Testing Expert,  Appleton, WI, USA - (Pulp, Paper and Chemical Testing)
  12. Intertek Group plc., (Pulp & Paper Testing)
  13. Lakehead University (Pulp & Paper Testing Lab), Thunder bay, ON, Canada
  14. Oy Keskuslaboratorio - Centrallaboratorium Ab (KCL), Finland (Pilot Services for Paper Industry & Pulp and Paper Testing)
  15. Paper Technology Specialists (PTS) Testing Services, Germany
  16. Pulp & Paper Engineering, IIT Roorkee, India (Pulp & Paper Testing & Consultancy)
  17. Pulp and Paper Services, LLC, Saint Johnsbury, VT, USA - (FTIR Analysis, Fiber Analysis, TAPPI/ASTM/FDA/ISO Analytical Testing, Pulp and Paper Testing)  Contact: Phillip Sirois at Tel: (802) 424-1564.
  18. Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd., New Delhi, India (Paper Testing)
  19. Thapar Centre for Industrial Research & Development (TCIRD), Patiala, India (Pulp & Paper Testing)



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