This page contains sites of schools, institutions, colleges, centers and departments of universities providing education and/or research in pulp, paper and forestry in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. A snapshot of "Learning to make Paper by Wire & Fabric

  1. Chemical Engineering Dept., Univ. of Maine, Orono, ME, USA
  2. Dept. of Forestry, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS, USA
  3. Dept. of Paper Science, College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Steven Point, WI, USA
  4. Dept. of Paper Science & Engg., Western Michigan Univ, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
  5. Department of Wood & Paper Science, College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA
  6. Dept. of Sustainable Biomaterials, Virginia Tech, VA, USA
  7. Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI, USA
  8. Institute of Paper Science and Technology (Now a part of Georgia Tech), Atlanta, GA, USA
  9. Miami University, Paper Science & Engg. Dept., Oxford, OH, USA
  10. Paper Science & Engg, University of New York, Syracuse, NY, USA
  11. Pulp & Paper Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  12. Pulp & Paper Centre, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
  13. School of Environmental & Forest Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
  14. Wood & Paper Science Dept., University of MN, USA
  1. Alberta Research Council, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  2. Chemical Engg. Dept., Lakehead University, Thunderbay, ON, Canada
  3. Empire State Paper Research Institute, Syracuse, NY, USA
  4. Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, Ponte-Claire, QC, Canada
  5. Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada (PAPRICAN), Canada
  6. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA



  1. Chair of Paper Technology & Mechanical Process Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
  2. Das Ausbildungszentrum der |Osterreichischen Papierindustrie, Austria
  3. Dept. of Chemical Technology of Wood, Pulp & Paper, Faculty of Chemical & Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  4. Dept. of Forest Product Tech., Helsinki Univ. of Tech., Espoo, Finland
  5. Dept. of Wood, P & P, Institute of Chem. Technology, Czech Republic
  6. European Forest Institute (EFI), Joensuu, Finland
  7. French Engineering School of Paper & Printing (EFPG), France
  8. Institut für Papier-, Zellstoff- und Fasertechnik, Technische Universität Graz, Graz, Austria
  9. Department of Paper Science & Technology, University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
  10. Hochschule Munchen, Germany
  11. Institute for Paper Technology, Germany
  12. Institute of Packaging, UK
  13. Institute of Paper, Printing and Publishing, Surrey, UK
  14. Institute of Paper Making & Printing, Lodz Technical University, Poland
  15. University of Pisa, Dept. of Pulp & Paper, Lucca, Italy
  16. University of West Hungary, Faculty of Wood Sciences,  Hungary
  1. Abo Akedemi, Laboratory of Paper Chemistry, Finland
  2. Finish Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Espoo, Finland
  3. Finish Forest Research Institute, Helsinki, Finland
  4. French Pulp & Paper Research Institute (CTP), Cedex, France
  5. Innventia AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Papiertechnische Stiftung (Paper Technology Specialist), Munich, Germany
  7. Paper Industry Research Association (PIRA) International, Surrey, UK
  8. Polish Packaging Research and Development Centre, Poland
  9. Pulp & Paper Fundamental Research Society (FRC), UK
  10. Raiz Forestry Research Centre & Technology Research Centre, Portugal
  11. Skog Forsk, Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, Uppasala, Sweden
  12. Slovak Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Bratislova, Slovakia


  1. Australian P & P Institute, Dept. of Chem. Engg., Monash Univ., Clayton, Australia
  2. Department of  Paper Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India
  1. Avantha Centre for Industrial Research and Development (ACIRD), Patiala (Punjab), India  
  2. Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute (CPPRI), Saharanpur, UP, India
  3. Forest Products Research & Development Institute (FPRDI), Philippines
  4. Hangzhou Research Institute of Chemical Technology Co. Ltd., China
  5. Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute, Jaipur, India
  6. Pulp & Paper Research Institute (PPRI), Jaykaypur, Orissa, India
  7. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Taiwan

  1. Capstone Technology, USA : OSHA Training
  2. Omni Continental Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada

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