This page contains sites providing information on how to make paper, papermaking, pulp making, process of making paper, history of paper, paper manufacturing process, how paper is made or processing, paper recycling and/or converting. The page also contains sites providing engineering calculations and information helpful to designers and paper traders.


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  1. Aboriginal Handmade Papermaking
  2. About Paper - Paper Manufacturing by Torraspapel
  3. Anatomy of a Modern Paper Mill by
  4. China's Ancient Papermaking by DK Findout
  5. Cool Facts of Forest by
  6. Eco-Link Pulp &Paper by
  7. Education Station for Kids by Georgia Pacific
  8. Environmental Games for kids
  9. Full Paper Making Process on University of Toronto Web Site
  10. Handmade Papermaking by People's Republic of Paper
  11. Hand Made Paper Making Instructions by Denise Flemings
  12. Handy Activities To Teach Your Kids About Environmental Issues by Casey Wise
  13. Historical Papermaking by Mondi Shanduka
  14. History of Paper Making and all About Paper by HQ  
  15. History of Paper &Papermaking by
  16. How Banana Paper is made?  by EcoPaper
  17. How Boxes are Made by International Paper
  18. How is paper made by The Straight Dope
  19. How Paper is Made by International Paper
  20. How Paper is made- Hand Made Papermaking by Pioneer Thinking  
  21. How Paper is Made by Idaho Forest Product Commission
  22. How Paper is Made by Liberty Paper Inc.
  23. How Paper is Made by
  24. How Paper is made by The
  25. How Paper is made by Wisconsin Paper Council
  26. How we make our paper by Jackson Paper
  27. How we make our products Pulp and Paper by Catalyst Paper
  28. How to make Rice Paper by
  29. KnowPap Multimedia e-Learning Environment for Paper Technology & Papermaking
  30. Learning Center by International Paper  
  31. Making and Recycling Paper at Home by G. Carboni
  32. Making Paper & Pulp by Cheney Pulp
  33. Making Your Own Rice Paper by
  34. Manufacture of Fine Paper  by Prof. John Craft at  Appalachain State University
  35. Nico's Quest to Recycle : A Kid's Guide to Recycling
  36. Paper:2000 years' History, Itinerant Exhibition of Hispanic Association of Paper Historian by    ASPAPEL
  37. Paper Basics from Mohawk
  38. Paper Classroom
  39. Paper from Animal Poo by Origami Resources
  40. Paper Magic by Jeff Lindsay
  41. Paper Making at
  42. Papermaking by Encyclopaedia Britannia
  43. Paper Making by West Linn Paper Co.
  44. Papermaking by CPI  
  45. Papermaking from Wikipedia
  46. Paper Making Process by BILT Unit Shree Gopal (Power Point Slides)
  47. Paper Making Process by
  48. Paper Making Process by SAPPI
  49. Paper Making Process: Virtual Tour by International Paper
  50. Paper Manufacturing Process Flow Chart by FF Soucy Inc.
  51. Paper Manufacturing Q & A by HC Paper Taiwan
  52. Paper Molding and Arts by Darrell Ross a Teacher
  53. Paper Museum by IPST
  54. Paper Museum, Japan
  55. Paper Recycling - From Curb to Consumer by
  56. Pulp & Paper Making Process by Asia Pulp & Paper
  57. Swiss Paper Museum, Basel, Switzerland
  58. Take a Tour of our Mill by Appleton Coated Paper (Video)   Very Good
  59. Teacher's Corner by Howe Sound
  60. Teacher's Info by Irving Paper Mill  
  61. The Full Papermaking by Abdel Rahman
  62. Tree & Forest Facts by American Forest
  63. Virtual Tour of Howe Sound Paper Plant
  64. Washi, Japanese Handmade Papermaking
  65. Wood to Paper by Idaho Paper Products
  1. Industrial Process to make Bleached Kraft Eucalyptus Pulp by Lwarcel Cellulose


  1. Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Papermaking Crafts
  2. Combat Paper Making (A Iraq veteran talking about papermaking)
  3. Demo - 4th Grade Paper Making
  4. Dongba Paper Making II
  5. Dongba Paper Making III
  6. Hand made paper from Ukraine
  7. Handmade Papermaking
  8. Handmade Paper Making Operation in Kathmandu, Nepal
  9. Handmade Paper Process
  10. How It's Made: Paper
  11. How Toilet Paper is made
  12. How to Make Rice Paper Shikishi Board Yourself for Watercolor Painting
  13. How to Make Your Own Recycled Paper
  14. Invention from Ancient China Paper Making Technique
  15. Paper Factory in Rural India
  16. Paper Making
  17. Paper Making at Home by a boy
  18. Paper Making at Home by 2 Girls
  19. Papermaking of Japanese Paper (Tosa washi)
  20. Paper Making by Kids
  21. Paper making in Japan, on island of Shikoku, Part 1
  22. Paper making in Japan, on island of Shikoku, Part 2
  23. Paper Making with Lisa Jacobs
  24. Paper Making with Lonnie and Jacqueline
  25. Paper Recycling - From Curb to Consumer by
  26. Recycled Paper Making in Primary School
  27. Saa Papermaking
  28. The Mystery of Handmade Paper Manufacturing
  29. The Papermaking Process- Salay handmade Paper, Phillipines
  • Machine Made Papermaking Video on You Tube
  1. 3D Tour - Production of Paper Suzano Report  
  2. Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Ltd., Machine Production Process
  3. HowStuffWorks Show: Episode 3: Paper Pulp
  4. How Toilet Paper is made at You Tube
  5. Mondi Paper Machine 21, Syktyvkar, Russia
  6. Mondi Sack Kraft Manufacturing
  7. Paper Making (with market pulp)
  8. Paper Making Process by SAPPI Tube
  9. Papermaking at Gulf Paper Manufacturing Co.- Kuwait
  10. Sack Kraft Paper Production by Mondi
  11. The Making of Pulp at Clearwater Paper Corp
  12. "The Paper People" How Paper is Made (15 min)
  13. Tissue paper making line-1
  14. Tissue paper making line-2
  15. Tissue paper making line-3
  16. Tissue paper making line-4
  17. Tissue paper making line-5
  18. Tissue paper making line-6


Multimedia Training

Multimedia Training Paper Train

In collaboration between Austria, Germany and Netherlands the project Paper Train has been developed with a subsidy by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. As a flexible multimedia training tool it consists of more than 40 multilingual FOCUS modules available in four languages. The models cover the whole range of paper, pulp and board production and include converting as well. They provide a modern way of learning by the interpretation of e-learning, animations, simulations and practice lessons. For more details see

Short Description of Papermaking Process

Paper Products Manufacturing Process

  1. How Paper Cups are Manufactured
  2. Make your own Kraft Paper Tube
  3. How to Make Spiral Wound Paper Tubes


  1. ABC's of Paper (Selecting paper for magazine publication) by
  2. Ask Mohawk (Paper Basics, printing Basics & Envelope Basics) by Mohawk Paper
  3. Construction Paper: A brief History of Impermanence by Joan Irving
  4. EPA: Fact Sheet: The Pulp & Paper Industry, The Pulping Process, and Pollutant Releases to the Environment
  5. Important Properties of Paper
  6. Information on Paper
  7. Paper as Materials For Records ( Non-Woody Fibrous Materials, Wood, Groundwood, The Soda Process, The Sulfite Process, The Sulfate Process, Other Pulping Processes, Bleaching, Stock Preparation, The Paper Machine, Coating, Calendering And Finishing, Paper Grades And Definitions )
  8. Paper Dictionary
  9. Paper Myth versus Facts by ASPAPEL
  10. Paper Profiles
  11. "The topic is Paper" by New York Chapter of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society
  12. Types (Grades) of Paper
  1. Engineering Fundamentals by Cheng Wu, Vijay Kumar et al
  2. (Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications)
  3. Flow Control Network
  4. Fluid System Designing by J Chaurette

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