This page contains sites of Ground Wood Pulp, Refiner Mechanical Pulp, Chemo Mechanical Pulp, Chemo Thermo Mechanical Pulp, Stone Ground Wood Pulp, Bleached pulp, Unbleached pulp, kraft pulp, sulfite pulp, sulfate pulp, wood pulp, non-wood pulp, fluff, dissolving grade pulp, viscose pulp, alpha cellulose pulp, rayon grade pulp, Hardwood pulp, soft wood pulp, semi-bleached pulp, NSSC pulp, NBSK Pulp, Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp, Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp, Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp and Southern Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp, and/or deinked market pulp manufacturers all over the world. Please note these are the companies which sale whole or part of their pulp production to pulp consumers out side the company.

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  1. Alberta Pacific Forest Ind. Inc., Boyle, AB, Canada - (Bld. H/W &S/W Pulp)
  2. AV Group NB, NB, Canada (Dissolving grade pulps)
  3. Canfor Corp.(Canfor Pulp Income Fund), Vancouver, BC, Canada - ( Bleached, Semi-Bleached and Unbleached Soft Wood Kraft Pulps)
  4. Catalyst Paper Corp ,Vancouver, BC, Canada  (Sawdust pulp &  NBSK)
  5. Cheney Pulp & Paper Co.USA (Rag & Specialty Pulps)
  6. Clearwater Paper Corp. (Formerly Potlatch Corp.) Spokane, WA, USA - (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp)
  7. Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd., (Peace River Pulp Mill , Cariboo Pulp &Paper Co. and Quesnel River Pulp Co.) Vancouver, BC, Canada - (TMP, CTMP and Kraft Pulp)  

  8. Domtar Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada - (Hardwood Pulp, Softwood Pulp, Deinked Pulp &Recycled Pulp)
  9. Fibrek, Montreal,  Canada (Acquired by Resolute Forest Products) (Recycled Bleached Kraft, NBSK)
  10. Fortress Paper Ltd., North Vancouver, BC, Canada (Company Info at TSX) (Dissolving grade pulp)
  11. Fox River Fiber, DePere, WI, USA - (Deinked Pulp)
  12. GP Cellulose LLC( Subsidiary of Koch Industries) GA, USA - (GP Cellulose operates four world-class, non-integrated wood pulp mills, one cotton linters pulp mill, and one cotton converting plant in the southeastern United States. Southern Mixed H/W, Northern Mixed H/W, Bleached Sulphite, Bleached Southern Mixed H/W and Fluff Pulp)
  13. Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd., Port Mellon, BC, Canada - (Bleached Kraft Pulp)
  14. International Papers Inc., Purchase, NY, USA - (Bleached Southern H/W Sulphate Pulp, Bleached Southern S/W Sulfate Pulp, Dissolving Pulp and Fluff Pulp)
  15. Irving Pulp & Paper Ltd., St. John, NB, Canada (Northern Bleached Softwood kraft, Northern Bleached Maple Hardwood kraft and Northern Bleached Birch Hardwood kraft pulp.)
  16. Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc., Meadow Lake, SK, Canada (Bleached Chemi Thermal Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP)
  17. Millar Western Forest Products Ltd., Edmonton, AB, Canada - (Bld. H/W and S/W Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp)
  18. Mississippi River Pulp, Natchez, MS, USA (White Recycled Pulp)
  19. Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd. (Harmac Pacific), Nanaimo, BC, Canada (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft)
  20. Neucel Speciality Cellulose Ltd., Richmond, BC, Canada (Dissolving Pulps)
  21. Ohio Pulp Mills Inc., Cincinnati, OH, USA - (Recycled Fiber Pulp)
  22. Paper Excellence, Richmond, BC, Canada (5 plants in Canada & 3 in Europe. NBSK & BCTMP)
  23. Pope &Talbot, Portland, OR, USA - (Bleached S/W Kraft Pulp, Semi-Bleached S/W Kraft Pulp and Northern Bleached S/W Kraft Pulp)
  24. Rayonier Inc., Stamford, CT, USA - ( Dissolving Pulp, Acetate Pulp, Cellulose Pulp, Viscose Pulp, Nitration Pulp, Lyocell Pulp, Fluff Pulp and Paper Grade Pulp)
  25. Resolute Forest Products (Formerly Abitibi Bowater), Montreal, QC, Canada (Company Info at TSX, at NYSE) (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp, Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp, Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp and Southern Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp)
  26. Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co, LLC, Tacoma, WA, USA (Unbleached Kraft Pulp)
  27. Tembec Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada - (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp and Dissolving Pulp)
  28. Verso Paper Corp., Memphis, TN, USA - (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp)
  29. West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada ( NBSK & BCTMP )
  30. Westervelt Co., (Formerly Gulf States Paper Corp), Tuscaloosa, AL, USA  (Bleached Kraft Pulp)
  31. Westrock, Norcross, GA, USA  (Fluff, SBSK)
  32. Weyerhaeuser Co., Tacoma, WA, USA - (Bld Kraft S/W &H/W Pulp, Sulphite Pulp, Specialty Pulp, Absorbent Pulp & Dissolving Pulp)
  33. Willamette Industries Inc., Portland, OR, USA - (Bleached mixed Southern H/W Kraft Pulp)
  34. Woodland Pulp LLC, Baileyville, ME, USA, (Northern ECF Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp)
  35. Zellstoff Celgar Pulp Co., Castlegar, BC, Canada - (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulps) (Acquired by Mercer International)

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  1. Bahai Specialty Cellulose, Bahia, Brazil (Speciality cellulose, rayon grade)
  2. Cellulosa Arauco y Constitucion, Santigo, Chile - (Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp, Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp & Unbleached Softwood Kraft Pulp)
  3. Celulosa Argentina S.A., Argentina (Eucalyptus Kraft Chemical Pulp)
  4. Celulose Nipo-Brasileira S/A-Cenibra, Brazil - (Bleached Eucalyptus Market Pulp)
  5. Cenibra - Celulose Nipo-Brasileira, Brazil  (Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp)
  6. CMPC CELULOSA S.A., Santiago, Chile (Radiata pine softwood and Eucalyptus hardwood bleached kraft pulps)
  7. CMPC Celulose Riograndense, Guaiba, Brazil (Bleached Eucalyptus Market Pulp)
  8. Empresas CMPC S.A., Chile - (Bld Kraft Pulp &Fluff Pulp)
  9. Fibria, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp)
  10. Grupo LWART, Brazil
  11. Industrias Klabin De Papel Cellulose SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil - [Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp, Unbleached Eucalyptus Pulp, Dissolving Pulp {Viscose, Lyocell, Filament Acetate, Ester Ether, Fluff Pulp {Hygienic Products}]
  12. Lwarcel Cellulose e Papel Ltda., Brazil (Eucalyptus Kraft Chemical Pulp)
  13. SuzanoBahia Sul Cellulose S.A, Sao Paulo, Brazil  (ECF Pulp)
  14. Veracel Cellulose, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  15. Votorantim Cellulose E Papel SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp)

  1. Altri, Portugal (Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp) 
  2. Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, JSC, Russia (English & Russian) (Bleached HW Kraft & Bleached SW Kraft ) 
  3. AS Estonian Cell, Kunda, Estonia (Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp (APMP))
  4. ATA Timber AB, (Waggeryd Cell AB), Sweden ( CTMP)
  5. Billerud AB, Solna, Sweden (Bleached Kraft Pulp SW and Kraft Pulp Birch)
  6. Biocel, a.s., (Heinzel Pulp) Zahradni, Czech Republic (Magnesium Bisulfite Pulp) (English & Cesky)
  7. Celesa Celulosa de Levante, s.a. Spain (Flax Pulp, Sisal Pulp, Jute Pulp, Abaca Pulp, Hemp Pulp using  ECF and TCF Bleaching)
  8. Celulose Beira Industrial (Celbi) S.A., Portugal (Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp) 
  9. Cartiere Burgo, San Mauro, TO, Italy (Kraft H/W Bleached Pulp)
  10. Cotton South, s.L. (Celsur), Spain (Bleached cotton linter cellulose)
  11. Domsjo Fabriker AB, Sweden (TCF Bleached Dissolving pulp and paper pulp) Bought by Adhitya Birla Group of india
  12. ENCE Group, Madrid, Spain  (Eucalyptus Pulp)
  13. Estonian Cell AS, Kunda, Estonia (Mechanical Pulp)
  14. Fiber Excellence, France (bleached softwood and hardwood kraft pulp)
  15. Grupo Portucel Soporcel, Portugal (Eucalyptus Pulp)
  16. Ilim Pulp, Petersburg,  Russia (Bleached softwood kraft pulp, Bleached hardwood kraft pulp, Unbleached softwood kraft pulp & Dissolving pulp)
  17. JSC Pulp and Paper Mill "Kama", Russia (pulverized lignosulfonate  pulp)
  18. Korsnas AB, Gavle, Sweden - (Fluff Pulp)
  19. Lenzing AG, Austria (Non-woven, Viscose Fiber)
  20. Martin Madle a spol., s.r.o., Czech Republic (Wood Pulp)
  21. Mercer International Inc., Zurich, Switzerland - (S/W Kraft) (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  22. Metsa Fibre Oy, Metsa, Finland - (Bld and Unbld S/W Pulp)
  23. Munksjo Paper AB, Sweden (Bleached and non-bleached sulfate pulp)
  24. Norske Skog, Norway - (Northern Bld S/W Kraft, Bld S/W Kraft of Eucalyptus, CTMP)
  25. Poneder e.U., Halbstoff-Fabrik, Austria (Bleached Cotton Pulp)
  26. Portucel Industrial, Portugal - (Bld Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp)
  27. Rottneros AB, Sweden (CTMP, Chemical Pulp and Groundwood Pulp)
  28. SCA Pulp, Sweden ( CTMP, DFR & Kraft)
  29. Schweighofer Fiber GmbH, Hallein, Austria (Viscose Grade)
  30. Segezha Pulp & Paper Mill, Russia (Sulfate pulp)
  31. Sicem-Saga, Italy (Chemi-mechanical Pulp)
  32. Sodra Cell AD, Sweden - (Bld S/W Pulp)
  33. Stora-Enso Oyj, Helsinki, Finland - (S/W &H/W Chemical Pulp, Fluff Pulp)
  34. Svilosa Share Holding Co., Bulgaria (Bleached Sulfate HW Pulp form Beech wood & Poplar wood)
  35. Syassky Pulp and Paper Mills, Leningrad, Russia (Bleached & Unbleached SW Sulfite Pulps)
  36. UPM-Kymmene Group, Finland (Company Info at NASDAQ) (Bleached & Unbleached SW & HW)
  37. Vipap Videm Krsko d.d. Slovenia (Bleached HW & SW Pulp)
  38. Vyborgskaya Cellulose, JSC, Russia (Unbleached Softwood Sulfite Pulp)
  39. Waggeryd Cell AB, Sweden  (CTMP)
  40. Zellstoff Papierfabrik Rosenthal, GmbH & Co. KG (ECF & TCF Softwood Kraft Pulp)
  41. Zellstoff Pöls AG, (Heinzel Pulp), Austria (Bleached Long Fiber Sulfate Pulp)


  1. Advanced Agro Public Ltd. Co., Thailand (Bleached Eucalyptus Sulphate Pulp)
  2. Albay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation (ALINDECO), Philippines (Abaca Pulp)
  3. Anhiu Xuelong Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd. China (Cotton Linter Pulp, Bamboo Pulp &Hemp Pulp)
  4. Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Ltd., Singapore - (Bld Mixed H/W)
  5. Asia Pulp &Paper Co. Ltd., Singapore - (Bld H/W Kraft Pulp)
  6. Bell Bay Pulp Mill (Gunns Pulp Mill), Tasmania, Australia
  7. Carter Holt Harvey Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand (Bleached Softwood & Hardwood Pulps)
  8. Century Pulp &Paper Co. Ltd., Nanital, Utranchal, India - (Rayon Grade Pulp)
  9. Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation, Taiwan (Chinese only)
  10. Daehan Pulp Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea
  11. Donghae Pulp Co. Ltd., South Korea (Bleached Oak Pulp)
  12. Gaomi Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd., Shandong, China - (Viscose Staple Grade &Viscose Filament Grade Cotton Pulp, Paper Grade Cotton Pulp and Fluff Pulp)
  13. Grasim Industries Ltd., Birlagram, MP, India (Viscose Staple Fiber)
  14. Hyogo Pulp Industries Ltd., Hyogo, Japan (Japanese only)
  15. Ilim Pulp Group, Sankt Petersburg, Russia (Bleached softwood kraft pulp, Bleached hardwood kraft pulp, Unbleached softwood kraft pulp)
  16. Linter Pak Co., (L.P.C.), Tehran, Iran (Cotton Linter Pulps: Paper Grade, CMC Grade, Viscose Grade and Nitro Cellulose Grades)
  17. Nippon Paper Industries, Tokyo, Japan - (Paper Grade Pulp &Dissolving Grade Pulp)
  18. Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd., Napier, New Zealand (Soft Wood TMP for newsprint and board grades)
  19. Phoenix Pulp and Paper Public Co., Ltd., Thailand ( Eucalyptus Bld Kraft, Eucalyptus Bld Kraft ECF, Bamboo Bld Kraft, Bamboo Bld Kraft ECF, Kenaf Bld Kraft)  Now a part of SCG Packaging
  20. P.T. Kertas Leces, Indonesia (Bleached Kraft Hardwood Pulp)
  21. PT. Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk, Indonesia (Viscose Grade Eucalyptus Pulp)
  22. Pulp Specialities Philippines, Inc., Philippines (Abaca Pulp)
  23. SCG Vietnam (Kraft Pulp)
  24. Shanghai Tenbro Bamboo Textile Co. Ltd., China (Bamboo Fiber Pulp)
  25. Sriman Chemicals (P) Ltd., Hyderabad  INDIA. (Cotton Linter Pulp)
  26. Toho Tokushu Pulp Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (Japanese only)
  27. Vikarabad Pulp and Paper Mills Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad INDIA (Cotton Linter Pulp)
  28. WPI International (Subsidiary of Ernslaw One Ltd.), New Zealand (Pine bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp (BCTMP)



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