This page contains sites providing information on pulp and paper industry in different parts of the world, pulp and paper resources on the Internet and other useful information.

  1. All about Corrugated (Corrugated.Org) - ( A Corrugated Packaging Council site. All you want to know about corrugated board and corrugated box)
  2. Canadian Wood Council (cwc.ca) - (A wealth of information on Canadian Forest based Industry)
  3. Ei Paper Village- (An online subscription-based service developed in cooperation with the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST), and designed specifically for the pulp and paper-related community)
  4. Environmental Paper Network
  5. Fisher International, Inc., South Norwalk, CT, USA - (Detailed data on every mill in the world producing more than 50 TPD; includes process equipment, production, personnel and projects. )
  6. Foex Indexes Ltd., Finland - (Specialized in operating as a provider of audited, trade-marked pulp and paper price indexes.)
  7. Gradefinder.Com - (A free service to paper buyers and for paper suppliers to list their discontinued, closeout, and overstocked papers on the Internet.)
  8. PaperBase International  - ( A JV partnership between CTP (France), KCL (Finland), Pira International (UK) and STFI (Sweden) to cover latest technical, research and business information from around the world for the pulp and paper industry.
  9. Paper-Machinery.com  Business to Business Paper related site. Paper companies and products, to buy and sell. Free listing for every company  and its products.
  10. Printing Resources on the Internet (www.printweek.com) - (Printing resources on the internet and real time news coverage)
  11. Pulp and Paper Online - (Latest news headlines, new product information and much more)
  12. Pulp & Paper - Reach for Unbleached by Clark Fork - Pend Oreille Coalition - (Raise environmental issues related to pulp bleaching)
  13. Pulp and Paper Technology, London
  14. Pulp Watch & Market Pulp Outlook by Hawkins Wright Consultants - (Market research in the market pulp and printing and publishing paper market. Publish market pulp supply, demand, cost and prices 3 times a year)
  15. RISI - (Source for economic forecast and analysis of the global forest products industry)
  16. RPA100.com (100% Recycled Paperboard) - (Promote 100% recycled paperboard packaging)
  17. SPPR - (Info supplier to Pulp & Paper Industry)
  18. Two Side Info (Paper side told)
  19. Waldon-Mott Corporation
  1. Information on Chinese Paper Industry (Chinapaperonline)
  2. Information on European Paper Industry (PaperOnline.org)
  3. Information on Forest Industry (Forestweb.com)
  4. Information on Swedish Forest Industry - ForestSweden
  5. Jeff Lindsay's Paper Industry Page



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