This page contains sites of paper, newsprint, Kraft, tissue, cardboard, paperboard and/or board manufacturers in the Asia and Africa. Please note that some of the companies have integrated operations inclusive of pulp making, paper making and converting while others may have only paper making.

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  1. Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  2. Advanced Agro Public Ltd. Co., Thailand
  3. AIPM Paper Industry (1995) Ltd., Israel
  4. Al-Bardi Paper Mill Co.(Nuqual Group) S.A.E.(Fine), Giza, Egypt
  5. Alex Converta, Alexandria, Egypt
  6. Al Sindian Paper Mill Co.(Nuqul Group) S.A.E. (Egypt), Giza, Egypt
  7. Alkeena Hygienic Paper Mill Co. Ltd.,(Nuqual Group), Jordan
  8. Alkim Kagit A.p., Yzmir, Turkey
  9. Amaravathi Sri Venkatesa Paper Mills Ltd., TN, India
  10. Amber Pulp & Paper (Partex Holing), Bangladesh
  11. Amol Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India
  12. An Binh Paper Co. Ltd., Vietnam (English & Vietnamese)
  13. An Hui Shan Ying Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China (Chinese only)
  14. Anhui Jingxian Redleaf Xuanpaper Mills, China (Chinese, English & Japanese)
  15. Andhra Pardesh Paper Mills Ltd., Rajahmundry, AP, India (Company Info at BSE)
  16. Arab Company for Paper Products j.s.c., Aleppo, Syria
  17. Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  18. Artone Paper, South Korea
  19. Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Ltd (APRIL)., Singapore
  20. Asia Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., South Korea
  21. Asia Papertec Co. Ltd., South Korea
  22. Asia Pulp &Paper Co. Ltd., Singapore
  23. Astron Paper and Board Mills Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
  24. Atrak Pulp & Paper Industrial Co.,Esfahan, Iran
  25. Athena Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,Okayama, Japan (Japanese only)
  26. AWA Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd., Japan (Japanese & English)
  27. Azumi Filter Paper Co. Ltd., Japan
  28. Bai Bang Paper Co., Vietnam
  29. Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd., Mumbai, India
  30. Ballarpur Industries Ltd., (BILT), New Delhi, India (Company Info at BSE)
  31. Bank Note Paper Mill India Pvt. Ltd., Banglore, India
  32. Banyu Paper Mill Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  33. Baoding Chenguang Paper Co. Ltd., China
  34. Baodingshi Xinshiqu Xinghua Zaozhichang (Hing Wah Baoding Paper Mill), China
  35. Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh
  36. Bataan 2020, Inc., (Formerly Bataan Pulp & Paper Mills Inc.), Philippine
  37. Beijing No.7 Paper Mill, China (Chinese & English)
  38. Berli Jucker Public Co. Ltd., Thailand
  39. Bhrikuti Pulp &Paper Nepal Ltd., Nepal (Company Info at NSEL)
  40. Bindal Papers Ltd., UP, India
  41. Boding Dinghy Specialty Paper Co. Ltd. Boding, Hebei, China
  42. Boding Yihoucheng Paper Co., Ltd. China
  43. Carmen Tissues S.A.E., Egypt
  44. C & S Paper Co. Ltd., (Zhongshun Group) Guangdong, China (6 paper mills)
  45. Century Paper & Board Mills Ltd., Karachi, Pakistan
  46. Century Pulp &Paper Co. Ltd., Nanital, Utranchal, India
  47. Chandaria Industries Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya
  48. Cheng Loong Corp, Taiwan
  49. Chengdu Jie Xin Paper Co. Ltd., China
  50. Chenming Paper Group, China
  51. China Banknote Printing and Minting Corp., China
  52. China Sunshine Paper Holding Co. Ltd., Hong Kong   (English & Chinese)
  53. China Xuan Paper Group Co., China  (English &Chinese)
  54. Chongqing Paper Industrial Research & Design Institute Chongqing, China
  55. Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese) (Company Info at TSE)
  56. Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation, Taiwan (Chinese only)
  57. Chung Loong Paper Holding Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China
  58. Chung-Rhy Special Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  59. Chunyang Paper Co. Ltd., South Korea
  60. Crown Paper Mills Ltd., UAE
  61. CYP Speciality Paper (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China
  62. Daehan Papers Co., South Korea
  63. Daehan Pulp Co., Ltd., South Korea
  64. Daelim Paper Co. Ltd., Korea
  65. Daewoo Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Heilongjiang, China
  66. Daeyang Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. Korea
  67. Daifuku Paper M.F.G. Co. Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  68. Daio Paper Corp. Japan (Japanese)  (Company Info at TSE)
  69. Daiwa Itagami Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan (Japanese only)
  70. Daman-Ganga Group, Gujrat, India
  71. Deltta Paper Mills Ltd., AP, India
  72. Dentas Ambalaj Ve Kagit San. A.S (Turkish only)
  73. Dongguan Eastern Sugar Paper Co. Ltd., (Dong Tang Group), China
  74. Dongguan Jinzhou Paper Co. Ltd., China
  75. Dongil Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., South Korea
  76. Dong Guan Jintian Paper Co. Ltd., Dongguan, China
  77. Donta Tang Group, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  78. Dunxin Paper Co. Ltd., Fujian, China (English &Chinese)
  79. Ecopaper JP Co. Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  80. Ehime Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Japan  (Japanese only)
  81. Embossindo Utama, PT, Jakarta, Indonesia 
  82. EN Paper, Korea (Korean & English)
  83. Everest Group, Nepal
  84. Feng Huang Paper, China (Chinese only)
  85. Ehime Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  86. Fine Hygienic Paper Co. Ltd., (Nuqul Group) Jordon
  87. Fook Woo Group Holding Ltd., Guandong, China
  88. Foshan Gaoming Hongyuan Papermaking Co., Ltd., China
  89. Fujian Nanping Paper Co. Ltd., China (Chinese only)
  90. Fukuyama Paper Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan (Japanese only)
  91. Fuyang Fuyang Huitai Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China
  92. Fuyang Huali Paper Co., China
  93. Fuyang Xinyuan Paper Co. Ltd., Fyyang, China
  94. Fuyang Zhongfu Paper co., Ltd., China
  95. Gahir Paper Mills Ltd., Sunam, Punjab, India
  96. Gaomi Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd., Shandong, China
  97. Genus Paper Products Ltd., New Delhi, India
  98. Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. China
  99. Gold Hongye Paper (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co. Ltd. Jiangsu, China
  100. Gold Huasheng Paper Co. Ltd., China
  101. Groupe Industriel du Papier et d la Cellulose, Alger, Algeria
  102. Guangdong Jieyang Xinda Paper Industrial Co., China
  103. Guangdong Shunde Sugar Co., Ltd., China
  104. Guangxi Guitang Paper Group Co. Ltd., China
  105. Guangxi Jin Hua Group Co. Ltd., China
  106. Guangxi Nanning Phoenix Pulp & Paper Co., Nanning, China
  107. Guangzhou Paper Co. Ltd., China (English &Chinese)
  108. Guangzhou Paper Group Corp. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  109. GuanJia Industrial Group Co., Ltd., China
  110. Guilin Qifeng Paper Co., Ltd., Guilin, Guangxi, China
  111. Gulf Paper Manufacturing Co. K.S.C., Kuwait 
  112. Hadera Paper, Hadera, Israel (Formerly American Israeli Paper Mills) (English & Hebrew)
  113. Haining Bangda Paper Industry Co. Ltd. China (English &Chinese)
  114. Halberd Paper Co. Ltd., Zhejiang, China
  115. Hanchang Paper Co., Ltd, South Korea 
  116. Hangzhou Huafeng Paper Co. Ltd., China  (Chinese & English)
  117. Hangzhou Huasheng Paper Co., Ltd., JV, Fuyang, China
  118. Hangzhou Huaye Paper Making Machine Co., Ltd. China
  119. Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Co., Ltd., China
  120. Hangzhou Xinhua Paper Ind. Co. Ltd., China
  121. Hang Yiu Paper Co. Ltd., Dandong, China
  122. Hankuk Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., South Korea 
  123. Hansol Paper Maf. Co. Ltd., Korea
  124. Hanuman Agro Industries Ltd., Raipur, Chattisgarh, India
  125. Hapaco Corp. (Haiphong Paper Co.), Viet Nam
  126. Harir Khuzwstan Tissue Co. Iran
  127. Hayat Kagit Paper & Energy Industry Co., Turkey
  128. HeiBeiSheng ManCheng ChengXin Paper Co., Ltd., China
  129. He Bei Quzhai Group, Hebei, China
  130. Heilongjiang Kaifeng Paper Produce Co. Ltd., China
  131. Heilongjiang Star Paper Co. Ltd., China
  132. Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd., Japan
  133. Hemkunt Paper Mills Ltd., Punjab, India
  134. Henan Hongteng Paper Goup Co. Ltd. China
  135. Henan Hulijia Paper Co., Ltd. (Hulijia Group), China
  136. Henan Xinxiang Hongtai Paper Industry Co. Ltd., Henan, China
  137. Henan Yinge Industrial Co. Ltd. China (Luohe Yinge Special Paper Co., Ltd , Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd , Wuyang Yinge Paper Co., Ltd, Sichuan Yinge Bamboo Pulp& Paper Co., Ltd etc)
  138. Heng Lian Group, China
  139. Hengan International Group Co. Ltd., China
  140. Hi-Coat (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thailand
  141. Hiap Moh Paper Co. Ltd., China
  142. Hindustan Paper Corp., Calcutta, India
  143. Hlwlitc Paper Corp., Hunan, China
  144. Ho Yi  Paper Co., Ltd, Taiwan
  145. Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Mills, Ltd., Japan (Japanese only) (Company Info at TSE)
  146. Hongwon Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd., South Korea
  147. Hop Fung Group Holding Ltd., Hong Kong
  148. Hsing Chung Paper Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  149. Huafeng Paper Co. Ltd., China
  150. Huanqiu Paper Mills, China
  151. Huatai Paper Group, Shandong, China
  152. Hubei Yichang Baota Paper Co. Ltd., Hubei, China
  153. Hui Sheng Group, China
  154. Hunan No. 1 Paperboard Co. Ltd.,  Hunan, China
  155. Hyogo Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Hyogo, Japan (Japanese only)
  156. Indah Paper Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  157. India Paper Products, Banglore, India
  158. Indo Afrique Paper Mills (P) Ltd., Pune, Maharastra, India
  159. Iran Papyrus Co., Tehran, Iran
  160. Iran Wood and Paper Industries, Tehran, Iran 
  161. Israpaper Paper Industries Ltd., Netanya, Israel
  162. ITC (Paperboard & Speciality Paper Division), Secunderabad, AP, India (Company Info at BSE)
  163. J K Corp, New Delhi India (Company Info at BSE)
  164. Jeonju Paper, South Korea
  165. Jiangmen Shining Log Paper Co. Ltd., Xinhui, China
  166. Jiangmen Sugar Cane Chemical Factory (Group) Co., Ltd Jiangme, Guangdong, China
  167. Jiangsu Chamfor Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China
  168. Jiangsu Huangli paper Co., Ltd., China
  169. Jiangsu Shuangdeng Paper Co. Ltd. 28 Haigang Road, Huangshagang, Sheyang, Jiangsu, China
  170. Jiangsu Wangda Paper Co., Ltd., China
  171. Jiangsu Xinda Paper Co. Ltd., Jiangsu, China
  172. Jiangyin Besto Special Paperboard Co., Ltd., China
  173. Jiaozuo Rui Feng Paper Co. Ltd., Jiaozuo, Henan, China
  174. Jiaxing City Fenglai & Sangdabei Paper Co,Ltf. Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
  175. Jin Feng Yuan Paper (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China
  176. Jin Hua Group Co. Ltd, Guangxi, China
  177. Jinan Chunxiao Paper Co. Ltd., China (Chinese & English)
  178. Jindaxing Paper Industrial Co., Ltd., China
  179. JingYu Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China (Chinese only)
  180. Jinhai Pulp & Paper Ltd., China
  181. K R Pulp and Paper Ltd., Shahjahanpur, UP, India
  182. Kaga Paperboard Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  183. Kagzi Handmade Paper Industries, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  184. Kahramanmara Paper Industry & J.S.E. (Kahramanmara Kagit Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi), Turkey
  185. Kahrizak Paper Mills (KPM), Tehran, Iran
  186. Kalptaru Papers Ltd., Gujrat, India
  187. Kane Group Co., Ltd., China
  188. Karnaphuli Paper Mills Ltd., Chittagong, Bangladesh
  189. Kazakhstan Kagazy Recycling LLP, Kazakhstan
  190. Khanna Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., India
  191. Khatema Fibres Ltd., Delhi, India
  192. Kishco Kodeir Paper Mills (Carta Misr), Cairo, Egypt
  193. Kishu Paper Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese)
  194. Kitakami Paper Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  195. KJ Speciality Paper Co. Ltd., Fuji, Japan
  196. KOA Kogyo Co. Ltd. Japan (Japanese only)
  197. Kohjin Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese & English)
  198. Korea Paper Manufacturing, Korea
  199. Korindo Group, Indonesia
  200. Koyo Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shizuoka, Japan
  201. Kuan Yuan Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  202. Kuantum Paper Ltd., (Formerly ABC Paper) Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India (Company Info at BSE)
  203. Kukil Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., South Korea
  204. Kye Sung Paper Co., Ltd., Korea
  205. Kyungsan Paper, South Korea
  206. Latif Paper Co., Tehran, Iran
  207. Laxmi Board & Paper Mills Ltd., Kalyan, Maharastra, India
  208. Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd., Hong Kong (Chinese & English)
  209. Liao Ning Xing Qi Paper Co., Ltd., China
  210. Lin Zhiye Ltd. (Yilin Paper), Henan, China
  211. Long Chen Paper Co. Ltd., Jiangsu, China
  212. LongKou YuLong Papermaking Co. Ltd., China
  213. Longyuan Paper Co. Ltd., Henan, China
  214. Madhupaper Kenya Ltd., Kenya
  215. Madhya Bharat Paper Ltd., Champa, Chhattisgarh, India
  216. Mahachai Kraft Paper Co. Ltd., Thailand
  217. Malaysian Newsprint Industries (MLI), Malaysia
  218. Malu Paper Mills Ltd., Nagpur, Maharastra, India (Company Info at BSE)
  219. Mandiali Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan
  220. Maragheh Paper Industries Co., Tehran, Iran
  221. Marusan Paper Co. Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  222. Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  223. Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries, Tehran, Iran
  224. Middle East Paper Co. (MEPCO), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  225. MCC Meili Paper Industry Co. Ltd., Zhongwei, China  (Chinese only)
  226. MCC Paper Yinhe Co. Ltd., China
  227. Middle East Paper Co., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  228. Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese & English)
  229. Minfeng Special Paper Co.,Ltd, China
  230. Mishima Paper Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese)
  231. Misr Edfu Pulp Writing & Printing Co., Cairo, Egypt
  232. Mitsubishi Paper Mills Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  233. Mondi Group South Africa
  234. Moorim Paper Group, Korea
  235. Moriki Paper Co. Ltd., Japan
  236. Muda Paper Mills Sdn. Bhd.,  Malaysia  
  237. Mudanjiang Hengfung Paper Co. Ltd., China
  238. Murli Industries Ltd., Nagpur, Maharastra, India
  239. Musi Pulp Mills Ltd., Sumatra, Indonesia
  240. My Xuan Paper Mill (Saigon Paper), Vietnam
  241. Mysore Paper Mills Ltd., Banglore, India (Company Info at BSE)
  242. NanZhang Huahai pulp & paper, Co.Ltd. China
  243. Namgang Paper Co. Ltd., Korea (Korean, Japanese & English)
  244. Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., Nanning, China
  245. Nath Pulp & Paper Mill Ltd., Aurangabad, Maharastra, India (Company Info at BSE)
  246. Nepa Ltd, MP, India
  247. New Asia Paper Group (Xinya Paper Group), Henan, China
  248. Nibong Tebal Paper Mill Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  249. Nine Dragon Paper Industries, China
  250. Ningbo Bull Paper Co. Ltd., Ningbo, China
  251. Ningbo Paper Co. Ltd., (Haishan Company), China
  252. Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co. Ltd., Ningbo City, China
  253. Ningxia Zijinhua Paper Co., Ltd. Yongning, Ningxia, China
  254. Nippon Daishowa Paperboard Co,. Ltd. Japan (Japanese)
  255. Nippon Paper Industries, Tokyo, Japan
  256. Nippon Paper Papylia Co. Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  257. N.R.Agarwal Industries Ltd., Vapi, Gujrat
  258. Nuqual Group (FINE Hygienic Holding (FHH) and FINE hygienic paper companies) Amman, Jordan
  259. Obeikan Paper Mill (Obeikan Industrial Investment Group), Saudi Arabia
  260. Oji Paper, Japan (Company Info at TSE)
  261. Oji Paperboards Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (Japanese only)
  262. Okayama Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  263. Orient Paper & Industries Ltd., Amlai, MP, India
  264. Osaka Paper Co. Ltd., Japan
  265. Otsu Paperboards Co. Ltd., Shiga, Japan (Japanese only)
  266. Pan Asia Paper Co. Pte Ltd. (PAPCO), Singapore
  267. Panjapol Paper Industry Co. Ltd., Thailand
  268. Paper Corea Inc., Seoul, Korea (Korean & English)
  269. Paper Corea Inc., South Korea (Korean & English)
  270. Papertech (Texpack Group), Indonesia
  271. Pars Paper Ind. Grp (1970), Iran
  272. Pelita Cengkareng Paper, Java Barat, Indonesia
  273. Phoenix Pulp and Paper Public Co., Ltd., Thailand
  274. Polly Paper Manufacturing Ltd., of Zhongshan, China
  275. Poulina Group Holding, Tunisia
  276. Premier Tissues India Ltd., Banglore, India
  277. PT Bukit Muria Jaya, West Java, Indonesia
  278. PT Embossindo Utama, Jakarta, Indonesia
  279. PT. Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk, Indonesia
  280. PT. Jaya Kertas Paper Mills, Indonesia
  281. PT. Kertas Basuki Rachmat, Indonesia
  282. PT. Kertas Leces, Indonesia
  283. PT. Kiani Kertas, Indonesia
  284. PT. Margono Dian Graha, Semarang, Indonesia
  285. PT. Pabrik Kertas Noree Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia 
  286. PT. Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia, Tbk., Surabaya, Indonesia
  287. PT. Papyrus Sakti Paper Mills, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
  288. PT. Parisindo Pratama, Indonesia 
  289. PT. Pelita Cengkareng Paper, Indonesia 
  290. PT. Pindo-Deli Pulp & Paper Mills, Jakarta, Indonesia
  291. PT. Sopanusa Tissue & Packaging Saranasukses, Indonesia
  292. PT. Suparma, Tbk, Surabaya, Indonesia
  293. PT. Surabaya Agung Industri Pulp & Kertas, Surabaya, Indonesia
  294. PT. Surabaya Meka Box, Indonesia
  295. PT. Surya Palacejaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
  296. PT. Surya Pamenang, Kediri, Indonesia
  297. PT. Papyrus Sakti, Jakarta, Indonesia
  298. PT. Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (PT TEL), Indonesia
  299. Pudumjee Pulp &Paper Mills Ltd., Mumbai, India (Company Info at BSE)
  300. Puli Paper Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  301. Punalur Paper Mills Ltd., Punalur, Kerala, India
  302. Pura Group, Indonesia
  303. Putian South Eastern Paper Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. China
  304. Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E., Egypt
  305. Qian'an Boda Paper Co., Ltd., Hebei, China
  306. Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co. Ltd., China (Chinese & English)
  307. Qingdao Huanyang Industry Co. Ltd., China
  308. Qunxing Paper Holding Co. Ltd., China
  309. Quena Paper Industry Co., Cairo, Egypt
  310. Rajalakshmi Paper Mills Ltd., Tamilnadu, India
  311. Rakta General Co., Alexandria, Egypt (Arabic only)
  312. Rama Newsprint and Paper Limited, Surat, Gujarat, India (Company Info at BSE)
  313. Rama Paper Mills Ltd., Bijnor, UP, India (Company Info at BSE)
  314. Raman Boards, Mysore, Karnataka, India
  315. Rainbow Papers Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (Company Info at BSE)
  316. Regall Group (Jiangnan Paper Co., King Pulp & Paper Co, & Special Paper Co. ), China
  317. Reliable Group, Mumbai, India
  318. Rengo Co., Ltd., Japan 
  319. Ruchira Papers Ltd., HP, India
  320. Sabarmati Paper (P) Ltd., Gujrat, India
  321. Saffory Paper Industries Co., Syria
  322. Sai Rayalaseema Paper Mills Ltd., Kurnool, AP, India
  323. Saigon Paper, Veitnam
  324. Sainsons Paper Industries Ltd., Haryana, India
  325. Samil Paper Co., Ltd., Korea
  326. Samwha Paper Co., Ltd., South Korea
  327. Sangal Paper Ltd., UP, India
  328. Sanzen Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Ishikawa, Japan (Japanese only)
  329. SAPPI, Johnsberg, South Africa (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  330. Satia Paper Mills Ltd., Punjab, India
  331. Sayid Paper Mills, Pakistan
  332. SCG Paper, Thailand
  333. Security Paper Mills, Hoshangabad, MP, India
  334. Security Papers Ltd., Pakistan
  335. Seha Corp, Seoul, Korea (Korean only)
  336. Senapathy Whiteley, Bangalore, India
  337. Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd., Tamilnadu, India
  338. Shaanxi Shenlong Paper Co., Ltd., Shaanxi, China
  339. Shandong Baron Paper Co. Ltd., China

  340. Shandong Bohui Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China (English & Chinese)
  341. Shandong Chenming Paper Holding Ltd., China
  342. Shandong Dezhou Huabei Paper (Group) Co., Ltd., China
  343. Shandong Gaomi Qingyuan Paper Co. Ltd., Shandong, China
  344. Shandong Gaotang No. 2 Paper Mill, Shandong, China
  345. Shandong Guanjun Paper Co. Ltd., Shandong, China
  346. Shandong Haiyun Shengtai Zhiye Co., Ltd., China
  347. Shandong Henglian Paper Group Co., Ltd., China
  348. Shandong Heze City Hongtai Paper Co., Ltd., China
  349. Shandong Honghe Mi Ning Group Co. Ltd., China
  350. Shandong HuaYuan Papermaking Group Co. Ltd., China
  351. Shandong Huajin Group, Jilin, China
  352. Shandong Huatai Paper Co. Ltd. (Huatai Group), China (English & Chinese)
  353. Shandong Kali Speciality Paper Co., Ltd., China
  354. Shandong Lingu Yulong Paper Co. Ltd., China
  355. Shandong Qingyuan Paper Industrial Co. Ltd., China (Chinese only)
  356. Shandong Qinshi Group Tianlong Paper Co. Ltd., China
  357. Shandong Rizhao Ssrmo pulp & paper Co. Ltd., China
  358. Shandong Sun Paper Industry JV Co. Ltd., China  (Chinese only)
  359. Shandong Taishan Paper Co. Ltd. Laiwu, Shandong, China
  360. Shandong Tianhe Paper Co. Ltd., China
  361. Shandong Tralin Paper Xiajin Co., Ltd., China
  362. Shandong Wanhao Paper Co. Ltd., China
  363. Shandong Zhucheng Hantong Machinery Ltd. Co. Zhucheng, Shandong, China
  364. Shanghai Lucky Paper Co., Shanghai, China
  365. Shaniv Paper Industries Ltd., Israel
  366. Shanyin Paper, China
  367. Sharma Group of Companies (Unicell Paper Mills in Africa , USA &Carribean, Swazi Paper Mills Ltd. in Swaziland, Emirates Paper Mills in UAE, Zambezi Paper Mills Ltd., Zambia), Germisten, South Africa
  368. Shihilin Paper Corp., Taipei, Taiwan
  369. ShiJiaZhuang Chen Tai Filter Co., Ltd., China
  370. Shin Kwang Hwa Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  371. Shindaeyang Paper, South Korea
  372. Shinho Group, Korea
  373. ShinMoorim  Papers Manf. Co. Ltd,, South Korea
  374. Shiva Paper Mills Ltd., Rampur, UP, India (Company Info at BSE)
  375. Shotmed Paper Industries, Cairo, Egypt
  376. Shouguang Bilong Paper Products Co. Ltd., Shouguang, Shandong, China
  377. Shree Ajit Pulp & Paper Ltd., Gujrat, Inda (Company Info at BSE)
  378. Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Ltd., Allahabad, UP, India
  379. Shree Gajanan Paper & Boards Pvt. Ltd., Valsad, Gujrat, India
  380. Shree Krishna Paper Mills and Ind. Ltd., New Delhi, India (Company Info at BSE)
  381. Shreyans Industries Ltd., Ludhiana, Punjab, India
  382. Shun-Jie Co., Ltd., China
  383. Siam Cellulose Co. Ltd. (SCG Paper), Thailand
  384. Siam Kraft, Bangkok, Thialand
  385. Siam Northern Paper Co.,Ltd. Thailand
  386. Sichuan Changning Zhuhai Paper Co. Ltd., China
  387. Sichuan Jianwei Fengsheng Paper Co., Ltd., China
  388. Sichuan Jinfeng Paper Co., Ltd. Wenjiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  389. Sichuan Yongfeng Paper Co., Ltd., Sichuan, China
  390. SICOMO, Lebanon
  391. Sinar Mas Group - APP China
  392. Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd., Sirpur, AP, India
  393. Siwette Industry Co. Ltt., Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
  394. Solicar Ste Libanaise de Carton S.A.L., Lebanon
  395. Soti Papier (Hamrouni Group), Tunisia
  396. South African Paper Mills (Pty), Ltd., Durban, South Africa
  397. Speciality Paper Ltd., Gujrat, India
  398. Sree Sakthi Paper Mills, Kochi, Kerala, India (Company Info at BSE)
  399. Ssangyong Paper Co. Ltd., Korea
  400. Star Paper Mills Ltd., Saharanpur, UP, India (Company Info at BSE)
  401. STE Libanaise De Carton S.A.L., (Solicar) Lebanon
  402. Subburaj Papers Ltd., TN, India
  403. Sudhir Papers Ltd., Banglore, Karnatka, India
  404. Sunny Investment Group, China (ZhaoLi Paper Industry Co. Ltd.) (Chinese, English, Korean & Japanese)
  405. Super Paper Products Co. Ltd., Ghana
  406. Suzhou Quanda Paper Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Suzhou, China
  407. Tai Fu Paper Manufacture Co. Ltd., Guang Dong, China
  408. Taiko Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shizuoka, Japan (Japanese only)
  409. Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corp, Taiwan
  410. Tamil Nadu Newsprint &Paper Ltd., Chennai, TN, India (Company Info at BSE)
  411. Tan Mai Paper Co., Vietnam
  412. Tangshan Guotai Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Tangshan, Hebei, Chiina
  413. Tateyama Paper Mill Co., Ltd., Japan (Japanese only)
  414. Tentok Paper Co., Ltd., Japan
  415. Teppatana Paper Mill Co. Ltd., Thailand
  416. Thai Cane Paper Public Co., Ltd., Thailand
  417. Thai Paper Company Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
  418. Thai Union Paper Industry Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
  419. Thanatarn Paper Co., Ltd. (River Group) Taeparak, Thailand
  420. Theen Seng Paper Manf. Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  421. The South India Paper Mills Ltd., Bangalore, India
  422. Three M Paper Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
  423. Tianjin Dan Qing Paper & Plastic Co., Ltd., China 
  424. Tianjin Golden Camel Group, China
  425. Tianjin Jinzheng Paper Co. Ltd. China
  426. Tianjin Tian li hua Paper Industry & Trade Co., China
  427. Tiger Forest & Paper, Hunan, China
  428. Titagarh Paper Mills Co. Ltd., Calcutta, India
  429. TK- Group/Taiko Paper Manufacture Japan (Japanese only)
  430. Toho Tokushu Pulp Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (Japanese only)
  431. Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd., Japan (Company Info at TSE)
  432. TOKIWA Corporation, Aichi, Japan (Japanese & English)
  433. Tomoegawa Paper Co. Ltd., Japan
  434. Trident Group (Formerly Varinder Agro Chemicals Ltd.), Ludhiana, Punjab, India
  435. Trust International Paper Corporation, Philippines
  436. Tung Chi Paper Corporation, Taiwan (Chinese only)
  437. U.M.Thai International Co., Ltd., Chiangmai Thailand
  438. United Paper Public Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
  439. United Pulp & Paper Co. Inc., Makati City, Philippines
  440. Valmet-Xian Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. China
  441. V.G. Paper & Boards Ltd., TN, India
  442. Vien Dong Paper JSC, Viet Nam
  443. Viet Nam Paper Corp., Viet Nam
  444. Vinda Paper Group, Guangdong, China
  445. Wanda Paper Group Ltd. Co., Jiangsu, China
  446. Weifang Huagang Packing Material Co., Ltd., Weifang, Shandong, China
  447. West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., Calcutta, India (Company Info at BSE)
  448. White Field Paper Mills Ltd., AP, India
  449. Wolsan Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., South Korea
  450. Wuhan Chenming Paper Co. Ltd. Wuhan, Hubei, China
  451. Wuxi Rongcheng Paper Co.,Ltd. Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
  452. Xi'an Aohui Paper Industry Co. Ltd., China
  453. Xi'an Han Xing Industrial Co., Ltd., China
  454. Xian Paper Machinery Works Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
  455. Xinmiao Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong, China
  456. Yash Paper Ltd., UP, India (Company Info at BSE)
  457. YFY (Yuen Foong Yu) Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
  458. Yibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Sichuan China
  459. Yeong Chaur Shing Paper Mill Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  460. YoungPoong Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., South Korea
  461. Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
  462. Yueyang Paper Co. Ltd., China (Chinese & English only)
  463. Yuhan Kimberly, South Korea
  464. Yunnan Yun-Jung Forestry & Pulp Mill Co. Ltd., China
  465. Zambezi Paper Mills Ltd. (Sharma Group), Zambia
  466. Zao Zhuang Hua Run Paper Co.,Ltd. Zaozhuang , Shangdong, China
  467. Zhangjiagang Huahang Paper & Pulp Equipments Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China
  468. Zhanjiang Guanlong Paper Industrial CO., LTD, Taiping, China
  469. Zhaoyuan Jinyuan Paper Ltd. Co. Zhaoyuan, Shandong, China
  470. Zhe Jiang Gaoyang Paper Co. Ltd., Fuyang, China
  471. ZheJiang  HengDa Paper Co.,Ltd., China
  472. Zhe Jiang Jingxing Paper Co., Ltd., Pinghu, China
  473. Zhe Jiang Kaifeng Paper Co., Ltd., China
  474. Zhe Jiang LingLong Paper Group, China
  475. Zhe Jiang Pegasus Paper Co. Ltd., Fuyang, China
  476. Zhe Jiang Rongheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd., China
  477. Zhejiang Tianting Paper Industry Co.,Ltd. Pujiang, Zhejiang, China
  478. Zhe Jiang Welbon Paper & Pulp Group, China
  479. Zhe Jiang Winbon Speciality Paper Co., Ltd., China
  480. Zhe Jiang Xianhe Special Paper Co., Ltd., China
  481. ZheJiang Xuefeng Calcium Carbonate Co. Ltd. Changshan, Zhejiang, China
  482. Zhe Jiang Yongtai Paper Industry Group Co. Ltd., China
  483. Zhe Jiang Zhengda Holding Group Co., Ltd., China
  484. Zhe Jiang Zhongshun Paper Co. Ltd., China
  485. Zhengye International Co. Ltd., China
  486. Zhenjiang Dadong Paper Co.,Ltd., Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
  487. Zhenjiang Gold River Paper Co. Ltd. Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
  488. Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Co. Ltd. Pinghu, Zhejiang, China
  489. Zhonglian Paper Ltd., Zhongtong, China
  490. Zhongshan Rengo Hung Hing Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., China
  491. Zhongxin Paper Co. Ltd., Mancheng County, Hrbei, China
  492. Zhuhai. S.E. Z. Hongta Renheng Paper Co. Ltd. China
  493. Zhumadian Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd., China
  • Companies without their own Websites
  1. Guangzhou Kingsany Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd., China


  1. Ajin Paper, Korea (Korean only)
  2. Jiangsu Jinlian Paper Co. Ltd, China (Chinese & English)
  3. Liujiang Chengtuan Paper Mills, Guangxi, China (Chinese & English)
  4. Neka Paper Products Co. Ltd., Egypt
  5. Premium Paper & Board Ind.  Ltd., Mumbai, India 
  6. Shandong Shouguang Xinghua Paper Mill, Shouguang, Shandong, China
  7. Soma Papers &Industries Ltd., Mumbai, India
  8. Vishnuvardhan Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., TN, India

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