This page contains sites of paper, newsprint, tissue, paperboard and/or board manufacturers in the North America. Please note that some of the companies have integrated operations inclusive of pulp making, paper making and converting while others may have only paper making.

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  1. Agri Pulp Unlimited, USA
  2. Alberta Newsprint Co., Vancouver, BC, Canada
  3. American Eagle Paper Mills, Tyrone, PA, USA
  4. APC Paper Co. Inc., Claremont, NH, USA
  5. Appvion Inc. (Formerly Appleton Papers), Appleton, WI, USA
  6. Appleton Coated LLC (A division of Arjo wiggins), Kimberly, WI, USA
  7. Appleton Papers Inc., Appleton, WI, USA Renamed Appvion Inc.
  8. Arjo Wiggins USA, Stamford, CT, USA
  9. Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd., Scarborough, ON, Canada
  10. Atlas Paper Mills Ltd., FL, USA
  11. Beloit Box Board Co. Inc., Beloit, WI, USA
  12. Bio Pappel, (Formerly McKinley Paper Co )Mexico
  13. Blue Heron Paper Co., Oregon City, Oregon, USA  (Mill closed in 2011)
  14. Boise Cascade LLC., Boise, ID, USA   (No longer manufacture Pulp or Paper. Manufacture Wood products only)
  15. BPM Inc.(Formerly Badger Paper Mills Inc.), Peshtigo, WI, USA
  16. Buckeye Technology Inc., Memphis, TN, USA (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  17. Burrows Paper Corp., Little Falls, NY, USA
  18. Canfor Corp., Vancouver, BC, Canada (Company Info at TSX) (No longer manufacture Pulp or Paper. Manufacture Wood products only)
  19. Caraustar Industries, Inc., Austell, GA, USA
  20. Cascade Corp., Montreal, QC, Canada (Company Info at TSX)
  21. Catalyst Paper Corp. (Formerly Norske Skog, Canada) ,Vancouver, BC, Canada  (Company Info at TSX)
  22. Cellulose and Paper Bajio SA de CV, Mexico
  23. Chespeake Corporation, Richmond, VA, USA
  24. Clearwater Paper Corp. (Formerly Potlatch Corp.) Spokane, WA, USA (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  25. Climax Manufacturing Co., Carthage, NY, USA
  26. Copamex, S.A. de C.V, Mexico
  27. Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd. (A Div. of Kruger), Corner Brook, NFld, Canada
  28. Costa Rica Natural (Ecopaper), Ventura, CA, USA
  29. Cottrell Paper, Rock City Falls, NY, USA
  30. Crane & Co. Inc., Dalton, MA, USA
  31. Crescent Cardboard Co. LLC, Wheeling, IL, USA
  32. Crocker Technical Papers, Fitchburg, MA, USA
  33. Delta Paper Corp., Levittown, PA, USA
  34. Domtar Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada (Company Info at TSX, at NYSE)
  35. Dunn Paper, Port Huron, MI, USA (Dunn acquires Valentine Paper Inc.)
  36. Eagle Materials Inc., Dallas. TX, USA (Company Info, at NYSE)
  37. Erving Industries, Erving, MA, USA
  38. Esleeck Papers, Turners Falls, MA, USA
  39. Fiber Mark Inc., Brattleboro, VT, USA
  40. Finch, Paper LLC, Glens Falls, NY, USA
  41. Flambeau River Papers (A division of Cellmark Paper), USA
  42. Flower City Tissue Mills Inc., Rochester, NY, USA
  43. Fontana Paper Mills Inc., Fontana, CA, USA
  44. Fortress Paper Ltd., North Vancouver, BC, Canada (Company Info at TSX)
  45. French Paper Co., USA
  46. FutureMark Paper Group, Westport, CT, USA
  47. Georgia-Pacific Corp., Augusta, GA, USA
  48. George A. Whiting Paper Co., Manesha, WI, USA
  49. Glatfelter, York, PA, USA (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  50. Gorham Paper & Tissue LLC, Gorham, NH, USA
  51. Graphic Packaging Holding Company, Marietta, GA, USA (Company Info at  NASDAQ)
  52. Great Northern paper, Millinocket, ME, USA
  53. Green Bay Packaging Inc., Green Bay, WI, USA
  54. Green Field Paper Co., San Diego, CA, USA
  55. Greif Bros. Corp., Delaware, OH, USA
  56. Grupo Gondi, Mexico
  57. Hanke Tissue (A division of Huchitemeier Papier) Poland
  58. Harbor Paper, LLC, Hoquiam, WA, USA
  59. Hartford City Paper LLC (Owned by Atlas Holding LLC), Hartord City, IN, USA
  60. Hollingsworth & Vose Company, East Walpole, MA, USA
  61. Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd. Partnership, Port Mellon, BC, Canada
  62. Huchtemeier Papier GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
  63. Industrial Papelera Mexicana S.A. de C.V., (A  Division of SCA), Mexico
  64. Inland Empire Paper Co., Spokane, WA, USA
  65. International Paper Inc., Memphis, TN, USA (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  66. Interstate Resources, Inc., Arlington, VA, USA 
  67. Interstate Paper LLC (IPC), Riceboro, GA 
  68. Irving Pulp & Paper Ltd., St. John, NB, Canada
  69. Jackson Paper Manufacturing, Sylva, NC, USA
  70. Kanzaki Specialty Paper (A Oji  Paper Co., Japan's subsidiary), Springfield, MA, USA
  71. Kapstone Paper & Packaging Corp., Northbrook, IL, USA (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  72. Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dallas, TX, USA (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  73. Knowlton Specialty Paper Inc., Watertown, NY, USA
  74. Kruger Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada
  75. Liberty Paper Inc., Becker, MN, USA
  76. Lincoln Paper & Tissue, Lincoln, Maine, USA
  77. Little Rapid Corp., Green Bay, WI, USA
  78. Living Tree Paper Co., Eugene, OR, USA
  79. Longview Fibre Co., Longview, WA, USA (Bought by Kapstone in July 2013)
  80. Los Angles Paper Box & Board Mill, Commerce, CA, USA
  81. Mafcote Inc., Norwalk, CT, USA
  82. Madison Paper Co., ME, USA
  83. Manistique Papers Inc. (Bought by Watermill Group, Lexington, MA), Manistique's, MI, USA
  84. Manufacturas 8-a S.A. de C.V. , Mexico (English & Spanish)
  85. MeadWestwaco Corporation, Glen Allen, VA, USA (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  86. Membranas Estructuradas, Mexico (English & Spanish)
  87. Menasha Corp., Neenah, WI, USA
  88. Metro Paper Industries Tissue Group, Toronto, ON, Canada
  89. Minas Basin Pulp & Power Co. Ltd., Hansport, NS, Canada No longer in Pulp or Paper
  90. Mohawk Paper Mills, Inc., Cohoes, NY, USA
  91. Monadnock Paper Mills Inc., Bennigton, NH, USA
  92. Nashua Corp., Nashua, NH, USA
  93. Neenah Paper Inc., Alpharetta, GA, USA  (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  94. New Forest Paper Mills LP, Scarborough, ON, Canada
  95. New Leaf Paper, NY, USA
  96. Newark Group Inc., Newark, NJ, USA
  97. NewPage Corp, Dayton, OH, USA
  98. Norbord Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada (Company Info at TSX) No longer in Pulp or Paper
  99. North Pacific Paper Corp (NORPAC) (a joint venture between Weyerhaeuser and Nippon Paper Industries of Japan), USA
  100. Orchids Paper Products Co., Pryor, Oklahoma, USA
  101. Packaging Corporation of America, Lake Forest, IL, USA
  102. Papelera Istmena, Panama (Spanish only)
  103. Paper Excellence, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  104. Paperworks Industries, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA
  105. Papier Masson Ltee, Masson-Angers, QC, Canada (Acquired by White Birch Paper Dec. 05)
  106. Parson Paper Co., (NVF Inc.), Holyoke, MA, USA
  107. Papelera del Nevado S.A. de C.V., Mexico
  108. Port Townsend Paper Corp., Port Townsend, WA, USA
  109. Potosi Paper Mills Ltd., Mexico
  110. Pratt Industries (USA), Inc., Conyers, GA, USA (Use 100% waste paper)
  111. Procter & Gamble (P & G), USA (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  112. Productora de Papel S.A. de C.V., Mexico
  113. Putney Paper Co. Inc., Putney, VT, USA 
  114. Resolute Forest Products (Formerly Abitibi Bowater), Montreal, QC, Canada (Company Info at TSX, at NYSE)
  115. Riverside Paper Corp., Appleton, WI, USA (Bought by Pacon Private Equity)
  116. Rock-Tenn Co., Norcross, GA, USA (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  117. San Jose Paper Mill S.A. de C.V., Mexico
  118. SCA Tissue North America, Neenah, WI, USA
  119. Schweitzer Mauduit International Inc., Alpharetta, GA, USA (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  120. Seaman Paper Co., MA, USA
  121. Shawano Speciality Papers (A Division of Little Rapids Corp.), Shawano, WI, USA
  122. Simkins Industries Inc.,  (Deerfield Speciality Papers & Glassine Canada) New Haven, CT, USA
  123. Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co, LLC, Tacoma, WA, USA
  124. Smart Papers LLC, Hamilton, OH, USA
  125. Smurfit Stone Container Corp., Chicago, IL, USA (Now acquired by Rock-Tenn Co.)
  126. Sonoco Products Co., Hartsville, SC, USA (Company Info at NASDAQ)
  127. Soundview Paper Co. (formerly Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.) , Elmwood Park, NJ, USA
  128. Southworth Co., Agawam, MA, USA
  129. SP Fiber Technology SE, LLC, Dublin, GA and Newberg, OR, USA
  130. Strathcona Papers, Napanee, ON, Canada
  131. Sun Paper Co., Miami, FL, USA
  132. Tembec Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada (Company Info at TSX)
  133. Thilmany, LLC, Kaukauna, WI, USA
  134. Tolko Industries Ltd., Vernon, BC, Canada
  135., Sarasota, FL, USA
  136. Twin River Paper Co., South Portland, ME, USA
  137. Verso Paper Corp., Memphis, TN, USA
  138. Vision Paper (KP Products Inc.), Albuquerque, NM, USA
  139. Wausau Paper Mills Co., Wausau, WI, USA (Company Info at NYSE at NASDAQ)
  140. West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada (Company Info at TSX)
  141. West Linn Paper Co., Oregon, USA
  142. Westervelt Co., (Formerly Gulf States Paper Corp), Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
  143. Weyerhaeuser Co., Tacoma, WA, USA (Company Info at NYSE )
  144. White Birch Paper Investment LLC, Greenwich, CT, USA
  145. White Pigeon Paper Co., White Pigeon, MI

List of Pulp, Paper and Saw Mills closed between 1990 to 2013

  1. Cellu Tissue acquired by Clearwater Paper Corp
  2. Koch Industries Acquires Georgia-Pacific
  3. White Birch Paper acquires Papier Masson Ltee
  4. Dunn acquires Valentine Paper Inc.
  5. Domtar to close Cornwall Plant
  6. Cascade Corp. to close Thunder Bay Plant
  7. Norske Canada is now Catalyst Paper
  8. Rock-Tenn buys Gulf States Paper
  9. Nexfor renamed Norbord
  10. Alliance Industries acquired by Bowater
  11. Weyerhaeuser acquired Willamette
  12. Mead & Westvaco merged to form MeadWestvaco
  13. US Paper Mill Corp purchased by Sonoco
  14. Bowater acquired Alliance Forest Product
  15. Ahlstrom Paper Group acquired Dexter
  16. GP Acquired Fort James
  17. Donohue merged with Abitibi Consolidated.
  18. Avnor Inc. merged with Bowater Inc.
  19. Consolidated acquired by Stora-Enso
  20. E.B.Eddy merged with Domtar Inc.
  21. Fort Howard and James River merged to form Fort James Corp.
  22. Champion International merged with International Paper.
  23. MacMillan Bloedel merged with Weyerhauser Co.
  24. St. Laurent Paperboard merged with Smurfit Stone.
  25. Union Camp merged with International Paper Inc.
  26. Norske Skog bought Fletcher Challenge
  27. Repap Acquired by UPM-Kymmene (To be closed Dec. 07)


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