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41.  Can human body digest paper?
42.  What portion of tree harvested are used for making paper?
43.  Why do newspaper turns yellow when exposed to sunlight?
44.  How does blotting paper absorb ink/water?
45.  How does paper air filter works?
46.  Why do colored paper fad in Sunlight?
47.  When paper soaked in oil/fat, why does it become translucent?
48.  Is paper biodegradable?, What makes paper biodegradable? How long will it take to paper to degrade biologically?
49.  Can we make paper from manure (animal waste) ?
50.  Can we make paper from algae or seaweeds?
51.  What is the role of Forest in Carbon Cycle?
52.  What is sustainable Forestry?
53.  What is the future of paper industry in USA?
54.  When was the first Paper Mill started in US?
55:  Are the chemicals used in the production of recycled paper environmentally better or worse than those used in virgin pulp production?
56.  What is the chemical composition of paper ?
57.  How many times can paper be recycled?
58.  Can there be 100% recycling rate?
59.  Where and when use of paper currency started?
60.  Is "Wood free Paper" free of wood fiber?
61. Is brown (unbleached) paper more environmentally friendly?
62. Is brown (unbleached) paper less hygienic than white paper (bleached)?
63. Can you make paper from human/animal hairs?
64. What makes toilet paper soft?
65. What were people using before the invention of paper?
66. How to reduce your paper consumption?
67. What is A0 Sheet Size?
68. What is A1 Sheet Size?
69. What is A2 Sheet Size?
70. What is A3 Sheet Size?
71. What is A5 Sheet Size?
72. What is A6 Sheet Size?
73. What is Legal Sheet Size?
74. What are ANSI Paper Sizes?
75. What is B0 Sheet Size?
76. What is B1 Sheet Size?
77. What is B2 Sheet Size?
78. What is B3 Sheet Size?
79. What is B4 Sheet Size?
80. What is B5 Sheet Size?

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