Q.1074: What are ANSI paper size?

Ans. >Ans. ANSI (American National Standard Institution) has specified paper sizes in use for Engineering and Architectural Drawings. Various ANSI sizes are as follow;

US Engineering mm X mm Inch X Inch US Architecture mm X mm Inch X Inch
ANSI A 215.9X279.4 8.5X11 ARCH A 228.6X304.8 9X12
ANSI B 279.4X431.8 11X17 ARCH B 304.8X457.2 12X18
ANSI C 431.8X558.8 17X22 ARCH C 457.2X509.6 18X24
ANSI D 588.8X863,6 22X34 ARCH D 609.6X914.4 24X36
ANSI E 863.6X1117.6 34X44 ARCH E 914.4X1219.2 36X48

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