Q.1056: What is the chemical composition of Paper?

Ans. The chemical composition of paper will depends on the type or grade of paper. Typically most grades of paper consist of organic and inorganic material. Organic portion consisting of cellulose, hemi-cellulose, lignin and or various compound of lignin (Na-lignate etc.) may be 70 to 100%. Inorganic portion consisting of mainly filling and loading material such as calcium carbonate, clay, titanium oxide etc may be 0 - 30% of paper.

Type/Grade of Paper Organic Inorganic
1. Newsprint >95% <5%
2. Corrugated (Media & Liner) >95% <5%
3. Writing, printing, copying & book paper 70-100% 0-30%
4. Hygiene Tissue >98% <2%

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