Q.1008: Is paper recycling good for environment?

Ans. Recycling of most grades of paper is good for environment. E.g. recycling of untreated corrugated boxboards, newsprint, office waste, lightly printed paper is very good from environmental point of view as most of the fibers are recovered by spending very small amount of chemical and energy.

On the other hand recycling of highly coated, printed, colored, oiled, soiled and or chemically treated paper may not be so good for environment as chemical and energy used and waste generated overshadow the fiber recovered.

For some facts and figures on waste paper recycling, please visit Environment Management

Top 5 Recovered Paper Producing/Collection Countries  (Million Metric Ton in 2015)

Countries Million MT
  Production Imports Exports Net Consumption
World 225.1 57.4 56.9 225.5
China 53.8 29.9 1.04 82.6
USA 47.8 0.76 19.6 28.4
Japan 21.8 0.04 4.3 17.5
Germany 15.2 4.0 2.5 16.7
Korea Republic (South) 8.3 1.54 0.55 9.3

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