This page contains sites of paper, newsprint, Kraft, tissue, cardboard, paperboard and/or board manufacturers in the South America. Please note that some of the companies have integrated operations inclusive of pulp making, paper making and converting while others may have only paper making.

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  1. Adamas S.A., Sao Paulo, Brazil
  2. Adami S/A MADEIRAS, Brazil 
  3. Alta Papeis, Brazil
  4. Astoria Papeis Ltda., Brazil
  5. Bignardi Industria e Comercio de Papeis e Artefatos Ltda., Jundiai, Brazil
  6. BN Paper Catarina Ltda., Brazil
  7. Bonet Madeiras E Papeis, Brazil
  8. Bragagnolo, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  9. Cahdam Volta Grande, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  10. Cambara S.A., Brazil (Portuguese only)
  11. Cartonificio Valinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  12. Celulosa Argentina S.A., Argentina
  13. Celulosa Campana S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. Celulosa Irani S.A., Brazil
  15. Celulosa Nipo-Brasileira S.A., Brazil (Portuguese only)
  16. Cia. Papelera Sarandi S.A., Sarandi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  17. Cia Suzano Papel Cellulose, Brazil
  18. CMPC Celulose Riograndense, Guaiba, Brazil
  19. COCELPA - Cia. de Celulose e Papel do Paraná, Brazil
  20. Compania Papelera Pacifico S.A. (CPP), Chile
  21. Copapa - Cia Paduana De Papeis, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  22. Empresas CMPC S.A., Chile
  23. Fábrica de Papel Santa Therezinha S/A (Santher), Brazil (Portuguese only)
  24. FACEPA - Fábrica de Papel da Amazônia S/A, Brazil
  25. Fanapel Fabrica Nacional De Papel S.A., Uruguay
  26. Fernandez S.A.Paper Industry, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  27. Fibria, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  28. Grupo Clarin, Argentina
  29. Grupo Celulosa Moldeada, Santa Fe, Argentina
  30. Guacu S.A. Papeis e Embalagens, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  31. Ibema Companhia Brasileira De Papel, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  32. Iguacu Celulose, Papel S.A. (Imaribo Group), Brazil
  33. Industria Papelera Uruguaya Sociedad Anonima, Uruguay
  34. Industria de Papeis para Embalagem Irmaos Siqueira Ltda., Sao Paulo, Brazil
  35. Industria de Papeis Santana S.A.- Inpa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  36. Industria de Papel, Irapuru  Ltda. Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
  37. Industria de Papel Sovel da Amazonia Ltda., Brazil
  38. Industria e Comercio de Embalagens e Papel Artivinco, Brazil
  39. Industrias De Papel R. Ramenzoni, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  40. Industrias De Papelao Horlle LTDA, Brazil
  41. Industrias Klabin De Papel Cellulose SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  42. International Paper, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  43. IPEL Indaial Papel Embalagens Ltda., Brazil
  44. Klabin - Indzstrias Klabin de Papel e Cellulose S.A, San Paulo, Brazil
  45. LA Papelera S.A., Bolivia
  46. Lutepel Industria e Com de Papel Ltda., Brazil
  47. Madepar Papel e Cellulose SA, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  48. Manikraft Guaianazes, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  49. Manufacturas de Papel C.A. (MANPA), Venezuela
  50. MD Papeis Ltda, Brazil
  51. Melhoramentos Papéis, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  52. Mili S.A., Brazil
  53. Multiverde Papeis Especiais Ltda., Brazil
  54. Papel Prensa s.a., Argentina
  55. Papelera Berazategui Servicious Integrales, Argentina
  56. Papelera del Plata Argentina (Spanish only)
  57. Papelera Don Torcuato S.A., Argentina
  58. Papelera International S.A., Guatemala
  59. Papelera Mediterranea S.A., Argentina
  60. Papelera Mitre Srl., San Martin, Argentina
  61. Papelera Nacional S.A., Ecuador  (Spanish only)
  62. Papelera San andres Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  63. Papelera Tucuman S.A., San Justo, Argentina
  64. Papelera Vual S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
  65. Papeles Cordillera, Argentina (Spanish only)
  66. Papeles Nacionales S.A., Columbia (Spanish only)
  67. Papeles Venezolanos C.A. (PAVACA), Venezuela (Spanish only)
  68. Papirus Indústria de Papel, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  69. Paraibuna Embalagens, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  70. Penha Group, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Portuguese only)
  71. Primo Tedesco S.A. Brazil
  72. Productos Familia S.A., Colombia
  73. Propal S.A., Columbia (Spanish only)
  74. Rigesa, Celulose, Papel e Embalagens Ltda., Brazil Now WestRock Brasil
  75. Sanovo Greenpack Embalagens do Brasil Ltda.,Brazil
  76. Santa Maria Cia de Papel e Celulose, Brazil
  77. Santher - Fábrica de Papel Santa Therezinha S/A, Brazil
  78. Suzano Group Sao Paulo, Brazil
  79. Technograficsa, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  80. Trombini Industrial S.A., Brazil
  81. Trupal S.A.(Gloria Group) Lima, Peru
  82. Unibol S.A. (Fabrica de Bolsas de Papel), Columbia (Spanish only)



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