S.N. Particular   Time of Information Source
01 Country United Arab Emirate    
02 Population (Million) 9.89 2020(E)
03 Total Pulp/Paper/Paperboard Production 0.246 2019 FAO
03.1 Corrugated/Packaging 0.184
03.2 Newsprint  
03.3 Graphic Paper (New Classification)  
03.4 Others 0.062
04 Import 1.037
05 Export 0.220
06 Net Consumption 1.062
07 Per Capita Consumption (Kg./year/person) 109.0
08.0 Recovered Paper: Collection 0.500
08.1                              Import 0.157
08.2                              Export 0.495
08.4                              Consumption/Usage 0.189
09.0 Wood Pulp:           Production 0.0
09.1                              Import 0.448
09.2                              Export 0.008
09.4                              Consumption/Usage 0.439
10 No. of Pulp/Paper Mills      
11 Main Raw Materials      
12 Major Companies      

All Production, Import, Export and Net Consumption numbers are in Million Metric Tons (1,000,000,000 Kg.)
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UAE paper usage almost thrice global average

/ 2 October 2012

The per capita consumption of paper in the UAE is 175 kilogrammes against the global average use of 62 kilogrammes, while the same figure reaches 320 kilogrammes in the US, according to international industry statistics were released on Monday on the sidelines of the inauguration of Paper Arabia 2012.

According to the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association, one of the world�s biggest associations specialising in paper, Middle East countries consumed 19 million tonnes of paper in 2011, and this figure is anticipated to increase into 29 million tonnes in the next eight years. It said that social media and the large dependence on digital technologies are having a minimal impact on the consumption of paper in the world and the Middle East region.

Paper Arabia 2012, the first-of-its-kind industry expo, was inaugurated by Sami Al Qamzi, director-general of the Department of Economic Development on Monday at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, and will run until tomorrow.

�The UAE is a key player in the paper industry in the region, which is reflected in the high number of publications and publishing houses across the UAE. Local manufacturers and suppliers of paper are adopting modern solutions and taking the right steps to protect the environment and keeping costs to the minimum,� he said.

�The domestic paper industry has also expanded its footprint in the past few years to meet the different requirements of the market as well as competition, by focusing on high quality, which is among the goals upheld by Paper Arabia.�

Al Qamzi noted that many specialised companies in the paper industry have chosen Dubai as their headquarters for various reasons, including the excellent infrastructure, ease of doing business and convenient access to markets. Dubai is committed to support businesses and investors in the paper industry and promote sector performance.

A4 paper has the lion�s share in the consumption trends in the UAE, according to Suresh Kilam, executive director of Asia Pulp & Paper.