Q.1032:  How many grades of paper are there?

Ans. Papers can be graded in so many different numbers of ways and if we count all permutation and combination of grades total grades may well exceed 10,000. Some of the major grades classifications are;

1. Based on basis weight
Tissue: Low weight, <40 g/m2
Paper: Medium weight, 40 - 120 g/m2
Paperboard: Medium High weight, 120-200 g/m2
Board: High weight, >200 g/m2
2. Based on Color
Brown: Unbleached
White: Bleached
Colored: Bleached and dyed or pigmented
3. Based on Usage
Industrial: Packaging, wrapping, filtering, electrical etc.
Cultural: Writing, printing, Newspaper, currency etc.
Food: Food wrapping, candy wrapping Coffee filter, tea bag etc.
4. Based on Raw Material
Wood: Contain fibers from wood
Agricultural residue: Fibers from straw, grass or other annual plants
Recycled: Recycle or secondary Fiber
5. Based on Surface Treatment
Coated: Coated with clay or other mineral.
Uncoated: No coating
Laminated: aluminum, poly etc
6. Finish
calendered/ supercalendered
Machine Finished (MF)/Machine Glazed (MG)

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