Q.1025:  What are the technical and economical benefits of multi-ply paperboard?

Ans. Let us take an example of cigarette packing paperboard. Only one side of the paperboard is visible to the user so, only one side need to be made of bleached fiber. The other side is not visible so need not to be made from good bleached fiber. In a single ply paperboard, the fiber, filler and chemical mix will be same through out the thickness of the board, but in a multiply paperboard, only top layer is made from good bleached fiber, next layer to top and other layers can be made from recycled fibers or other short or inferior fibers. The overall cost of fiber is much lower in multiply board compared to single ply.

The fiber mix used for good printing may not be best suited for providing other desirable properties. In multiply board fiber mix in different layers can be adjusted to provide different desired characteristics.

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