Q.1011: How much paper can be made from one Tree?

Ans. It will depend how big is the tree and which type of paper is being made. In the following table some assumptions are made to answer the question.

Particulars In Metric Unit In English Unit (USA)
Type of Paper Copying Paper Copying Paper
Dimension of Single sheet of Paper A4 (210x297mm) Letter (8.5"x11")
Weight of Paper 70 gm/m2 20 lbs for 500 sheets of 17"x22"
Weight of single sheet 70*0.21*0.297 = 4.366 gm 20*8.5*11/(500*17*22) = 0.01lb
Type of Tree Pine Pine
Dimension of tree 25 m high and average diameter is 30 cm 75 ft high and average diameter is 1ft
Volume of one tree 3.142*.15^2*25 = 1.7696 m3 3.142*0.5^2*75 = 58.9875 ft3
Density of pine (dry weight basis) 600 Kg/m3 35 lbs/ ft3
Weight of the tree 600*1.77= 1060 Kg 59*35 =  2064 lb
Yield of pulp (pulp produced/weight of wood) 50% 50%
Pulp Produced 0.5*1060 = 530 Kg 0.5*2064 = 1032 lbs
Number of sheets produced 530*1000/4.366 = 121444 10320/0.01 = 103200

These calculations are only for demonstration and at best approximate. To calculate number of sheet for different size sheet, tree and pulp yield please use this Excel Sheet

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