i How much paper is produced per year in the whole World?

Q.1006: How much paper is produced per year in the whole World?

Ans. About 409 Million Metric Ton paper is produced and consumed per year (2018).

  • 58% of the paper and board produced globally is used for packaging.
  • The second largest grade for paper is Graphic Paper at 29%.

For country wise statistic on paper and paperboard production and consumption, please visit https://paperonweb.com/Country.htm

S.N. Particular   Time of Information Source
01   World    
02 Population (Million) 7592 2019 https://www.un.org
03 Total Pulp/Paper/Paperboard Production 404.288 2019 FAO
03.1 Corrugated/Packaging 241.54
03.2 Newsprint 18.00
03.3 Graphic Paper (New Classification) 110.15
03.4 Others 34.0
04 Import 110.45
05 Export 112.84
06 Net Consumption 401.895
07 Per Capita Consumption (Kg./year/person) 52
08.0 Recovered Paper: Collection 228.58
08.1                              Import 48.93
08.2                              Export 48.92
08.4                              Consumption/Usage 228.59
09.0 Wood Pulp:           Production 190.35
09.1                              Import 67.34
09.2                              Export 68.42
09.4                              Consumption/Usage 189.27
10 No. of Pulp/Paper Mills >10,000    
11 Main Raw Materials Wood, Waste Paper, Bamboo, Straw    
12 Major Companies IP, APP    

All Production, Import, Export and Net Consumption numbers are in Million Metric Tons (1,000,000,000 Kg.) 

Q1006_2: Which is the largest pulp/paper mill in the world?

The pulp and paper mill called; APRIL Indonesia, situated on a 1,750 hectare site near Pangkalan Kerinci in the Riau Province on Sumatra in Indonesia is the largest integrated pulp and paper mill APRIL operations include pulp and paper mills, an integrated chemical plant, and a power plant that generates all the energy for the complex, mostly from bio-fuel. The Kraft pulp mill is the biggest single-site pulp mill in the world with a capacity of 2 million tons per year.

Source: Aug 18, 2015 PDI World

Eldorado Brazil Starts up World's Largest Pulp Mill in Brazil

Eldorado Papel e Celulose Ltda, Eldorado Brazil, has started up the world's largest single-line pulp mill at its Três Lagoas mill in the Brazilian province of Mato Grosso do Sul. The new 1.5 million metric tpy bleached eucalyptus Kraft (BEK) pulp line reportedly came on-stream December 6, 2012. The estimated investment for the new line is BRL$6.2 billion (approximately $2.9 billion). Eldorado Brazil is said to be satisfied with the line, which was initially scheduled to start up in the third quarter of this year

The new line's raw material is wood from planted eucalyptus forests. Production is to be exported to paper producing markets in South America, North America, Europe, and Asia. The new plant will be responsible for 20% of all Brazil's exports, with revenue estimated at $1 billion a year.

Source: Naylornetwork

Largest Pulp Mill in the World

After a little more than one year of operation, the greenfield pulp mill of Eldorado Brasil in Três Lagoas, Brazil, set three consecutive world records for daily pulp production in March 2014. On March 30, 2014, Eldorado produced 5,156 tons in a single day, breaking its own previous world records set on March 20, 2014 (5,056 tons) and March 19, 2014 (4,990 tons).

Largest Paper Machine in the world

Hainan Jinhai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. (JHPP) - a subsidiary of APP - is the largest pulp manufacturer in China and among the largest in the world. Since November 1994, JHPP has been producing on an area of 4 km2 and employs 1,600 workers. Production covers not only pulp and tissue, but also art paper and brochure paper of the highest level, as well as high quality packaging, folding boxes and calendars up to a basis weight of 250 g/m2.

Stock Preparation

DIP 355 t/day
NBKP 710 t/day
LBKP 1,655 t/day
BCTMP 1,185 t/day
PCC 700 t/day

Largest Paper Machine in the World

Paper machine PM2

Uncoated paper weight: 151.1 g/m2
Finished paper weight: 255.3 g/m2
Wire width: 11,800 mm
Maximum operating speed: 1,700 m/min
Design speed: 2,000 m/min
Speed of Janus: 1,500 m/min
Speed of VariPlus: 2,500 m/min
Parent roll diameter: 3,500 mm
Maximum production: 4,537 t/day

Source Voith

The world's largest Yankee Cylinder (drying cylinder)

New Paper machine in Pöls: the world's largest Yankee Cylinder (drying cylinder) delivered.

Europe's largest Kraft paper machine is currently being built in Pöls, Austria. This represents an investment totalling over 115 million Euros. On Monday the 11th March the huge "Yankee Cylinder", the heart of the new paper machine, arrived by special transport in Pöls. The cylinder has a diameter of 6.7 meters and is the largest welded, high precision drying cylinder in the world.

The transportation to Pöls presented a challenge to both the Zellstoff Pöls as well as for Andritz AG, who delivered the machine. The cylinder with its 6.7 meters diameter, with a fully assembled weight of 150 tons was delivered in 2 parts.

Largest Yankee Cylinder in the World

Source Starkraft.com

A new claim n largest Yankee Dryer ever made
Toscotec Achieves A New Record For Steel Yankee Width In Rebuilding Project At ST Tissue
Sept 29,2016 --Toscotec has been chosen to supply ST Tissue in Franklin, Virginia, with the widest Steel Yankee ever to be manufactured. ST Tissue F-5 machine will be converted to produce bathroom tissue and kitchen towel.

The market leader in Steel Yankee Technology, Toscotec will rebuild the dry-end section and redesign the F-5 machine to convert it to dry crepe tissue.

The current paper machine configuration, consisting in a forming section, nip-press section, dryers section and Reel drum, will be converted to dry crepe tissue machine keeping the existing fourdrinier and redesigning the nip-press section to felt run arrangement which includes new Toscotec dry end equipment. Toscotec scope of supply includes TT SuctionPressRoll-SPR1045, an under machine broke pulper TT MachineBrokePulper-MBP75, and a TT SYD-12FT x 257" face width (6530 mm), the widest Steel Yankee Dryer ever manufactured.

The TT SYD-12FT, second generation rib design, fits the customer needs thanks to the high drying capacity performance and energy saving concept which includes Toscotec's Patented Head Insulation.

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